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From what age can one play?

We suggest from age 6 as the youngest to participate. It's just that the younger they are, the less co-ordinated and more prone to stumbling and falling over uneven terrain, they are. Having said that, we have had 5 year old siblings join in to play with older brother or sister party groups and aside from the odd scratches or bruises from encounters with bushes and rocks, the younger players have been fine.

Must you make a booking to play ?

Yes, we only play with pre-booked groups and don't play with 'walk-on' players on the day.

What is the minimum number of players required?

We play with a minimum of 12 players. Should you have less than 12 players, payment will still be for the minimum amount.

What is the maximum number of players?

Should you go over 17 players, we split into 3 smaller groups and then play on a round robbin basis. Each game is 10 minutes long, so just enough time for the team sitting out to snack and have something to drink before heading out for their next game. We play with a maximum of 32 players on a round robin basis. If you go over 17 players, we extend the actual play time of the party to 2 hours. Please chat to us about bigger groups. We have 35 sets of kit which we split over 2 fields and depending on bookings, we are able to join all the lasertag guns together and play a much bigger game.

What happens if it rains?

We are not able to play with the lasertag systems in the rain. We do watch the 14-day as well as the 7-day weather forcasts and usually have a good idea of what to expect on the weekend. If we do need to cancel on the day, you will have the option to reschedule or to be refunded the full amount paid in. Fortunately, with the field being located in the Kommetjie Valley, whilst it is raining elsewhere in the Peninsula, it is often dry at the field as the clouds, without having any mountains to pile up against, simply blow through with a light drizzle and we are able to play.

Can I bring my own party catering to the field?

Yes, you are welcome to bring all your eats and drinks to the field. We will have a table set up for you and ask that you bring along a table cloth as well as some fold out chairs for yourselves.

Can we play Lasertag at our home?

Yes, we are able to run Lasertag parties at your home, depending on the bookings that we already have on the day. Week days are easier for home parties. If we have bookings on a Saturday at the field, we need to work in travel time from Kommetjie to your home and it may not be possible in the time frame that we have. Talk to us to see if we can work things out for you.

What should we wear?

Loose, comfortable clothing/jeans and closed shoes. No crocs or sandals please! In the winter months, moms, please bring along jackets and flasks of tea/coffee for yourselves to keep warm!

Does being shot by a Lasertag gun hurt?

Not at all. the Laser gun emits an infrared beam, like a TV remote, so no chance of any injuries from the gun itself.