Lasertag has both the mental and physical thrill of taking on the 'enemy' in a safe, exciting and environmentally friendly way which can be played at most outdoor as well as indoor venues.

Our Imhoff Farm gaming area, close by to Kommetjie - See party invitations for directions to both venues - is a bush field with a rest area under the shelter of pine trees, an area of thick bush for the sneaky shooters and an open grassland area with minimal bush for the leopard crawlers - a really awesome tactical field with something for everyone!

Wynberg Park offers a beautiful grassy area with tall shady, trees and provides the best of both worlds for moms and dads to relax in the beatufil picnic spots while the kids sneak, peak and shoot between the trees.

Tables are provided at both venues, but please do bring along a table cloth for the table and picnic blankets or fold out chairs in need.


On arrival, you will receive a full 'briefing' on the laser tag system and shown how the equipment works and then sent out on your mission to challenge the enemy! (Don't worry! None of the weapons or ammunition are live!)

Unlike paintball, the laser gun emits a harmless infrared beam, so no pain, no danger and no tears! Unlimited ammunition and lives are included and no need for uncomfortable protective gear. Laser Guns can shoot a distance of 100 meters and everyone playing will be able to aim and feel the satisfaction of hearing the beeps from the gun and see the flashing lights confirming a 'hit'! We play a number of different games including the basic team game, medic-in-the-field as well as body-guard and last-man-standing to end off the excitement!